Naohiko Miyata – Asahi Intecc Foundation for Medical Technology and Research

Pioneering the future with new medical technologies

Announcement from the Foundation

The Naohiko Miyata-Asahi Intecc Foundation for Medical Technology and Research was established in line with the wishes of Naohiko Miyata, founder of Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd., a company which has contributed to the widespread adoption of minimally invasive medical treatments* in Japan and around the world.
The Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the advancement of medical care and treatment technologies worldwide, thereby improving public health.
It fulfills this mission by offering scholarships and other incentives for young doctors and medical device researchers studying in Japan and overseas.

*Minimally invasive medical treatments are methods of treatment that lessen the burden on patients by using catheters and endoscopes instead of making larger surgical incisions in the body.